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Where can I buy JOHN VOSS COSMETICS products?

You can buy the products online at or

How and where can I get advice on JOHN VOSS products?
Where can I get information about the ingredients?

You can find more information about the ingredients in our products. Furthermore, we recommend an objective comparison of our products through various cosmetic comparison portals such as Compare your current product with the JOHN VOSS series.

How long do the products last after opening?

After opening, JOHN VOSS skin care products can be stored for at least 6 months. The best before date of the product "SHINE ON!" can be seen on the printed stamp on the bottom of the jar.

How long can I store an unopened package?

Unless otherwise indicated, our cosmetic products can be stored unopened for at least 30 months. To maintain quality over this period, the products must be stored away from excessive heat and humidity. Our food supplements are marked with a best before date on the bottom of the box.

Are John Voss products tested on animals?

No. Our products are never tested on animals. We have carried out an extensive series of tests with volunteers, which have consistently produced positive results.

Does JOHN VOSS Day Care also contain UV protection?

No, our products do not contain UV protection. We believe the decision to use UV protection should be up to our customers. Frequently applied sun protection - especially during the seasons when our skin is not exposed to the sun - reduces the body’s own important Vitamin D formation.

Why does the skin around the eye need special care?

The skin around our eyes is particularly sensitive. It is thinner than in other areas and has very little protective subcutaneous fatty tissue. John Voss Eye Care "LOOK BRIGHT!" was developed especially for the care requirements of the sensitive eye area. It contains valuable ingredients and no perfume. LOOK BRIGHT! is also dermatologically tested.

Are JOHN VOSS products hypoallergenic?

Allergies to different ingredients have to be considered very individually. If you know your allergies, please refer to the product ingredient information on the package or on our website. If you are unsure if any of our ingredients could cause you an allergic reaction, please contact your dermatologist.

Pump frequently before first use until cream comes out of the dispenser. Is the dispenser not completely filled?

For technical reasons, a germ-free air headspace is always created during filling. This air has to be pressed out of the dispenser by pumping several times before the first use. Afterwards there is no air in the dispenser and the cream can be dosed perfectly. Furthermore, the dispenser guarantees complete emptying. We can confirm a correct filling quantity as declared

What is the best way to store the creams?

All products should not be stored to cool or to warm. The perfect storage temperature is 5°C to a maximum of 25°C. The products should not be stored in the sun or in the immediate vicinity of a heater. If you want some refreshment in the summer, you can also store the cream in the refrigerator, but please not in the freezer, our products would not like it there.

What is the best way to store the beauty-tablets?

The tablets must always be stored tightely closed and in a cool (5°C to a maximum of 25°C) and dry place. The tablets must not be stored in the sun or in the vicinity of a heater. The glass should not be left open, as the tablets are very sensitive to humidity.

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