Helix Essenz

The secret tip for the protection of your beauty


For centuries, snails have been bred in the South of France - traditionally by hand by the oldest, most experienced farmers in the region.

It was discovered that despite being well over 80 years of age, the farmers often had the hands of a young person - smooth and completely free of wrinkles and age spots. Their skin is youthfully fresh exactly where it comes into contact with the mucus of the snails

Scientists found out that the snail's mucus is not only intended for locomotion, it also protects the snail from sharp or pointed objects and has a quick healing effect in case of injuries. It cools the snail's body and ensures the reproduction of broken parts of the snail’s shell.

The regenerative abilities of Helix Essence have already become a basic component of every beauty treatment in Asia. We use it as a concentrated ingredient in our JOHN VOSS Booster - a fragrant gel with high efficiency and excellent properties to protect and revitalize the skin.

Wrinkles are visibly smoothed after a short time. The Booster works quickly, and the effects can be seen almost immediately. The Booster can also be used in combination with other JOHN VOSS products. The skin appears demonstrably fresh and youthful.


Proteases: Reduces the risk of damage to new blood vessels. Encourages the deposition of collagen as natural protection in the layer of arteries.

Fibrinolytic enzymes: Purifies the micro-capillaries and aids the nutrition and oxygenation of cells. Repairs damaged tissue.

Natural antibiotic effect: Acts against fungi and bacteria that otherwise remain on the skin, such as acne and dandruff.

Allantoin: Stimulates cell proliferation and supports the reconstruction of damaged tissue. It is used in some products to treat and slowly heal wounds and burns.

Collagen: Works as a powerful regenerator of the skin and cell proliferation, making the skin smooth and soft. This property also helps snails repair their shell when it breaks.

Elastin: Tightens skin by rejuvenating cells, quickly eliminating wrinkles around the eyes and lips. Counteracts pregnancy stretch marks and scars, etc.

Glycolic Acid: Acts like a peeling by removing dead skin cells and stimulating the formation of new skin cells. It fights against age spots, pregnancy stretch marks, sports stretch marks, scars, cellulite etc.

Vitamins: Vitamin A and Vitamin E, as strong antioxidants, help to improve the results and quality of the cream or gel.

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