Protects your skin from the elements - with Dehydrin


With its delicate pink flowers, the Alpine Rose can survive the harshest weather conditions – even in the barren Alps at heights up to 3200 meters. It successfully uses a highly efficient biological process to keep its evergreen leaves resistant to UV radiation, dryness and cold.

Research by Mibelle Biochemistry has shown that a water retention substance found in its leaves is responsible for the extraordinary survival abilities of the Alpine Rose. A very special protein called Dehydrin ensures that the Alpine Rose does not freeze to death even in the strongest frost - and that it blossoms fresh again in spring.

Our care formula for stressed and dry skin is derived from the stem cells of this unique plant. Studies prove that these floral stem cells promote the longevity and vitality of human skin cells in the same way that the Alpine Rose supports its leaves.

The Alpine Rose extract strengthens the skin barrier and provides the skin with better protection against climatic stress caused by sunlight, dryness, cold and heat.

PhytoCellTec™ – Alpine Rose

"PhytoCellTec™ Alpine Rose" is a cosmetic ingredient based on stem cells from Alpine Rose leaves, which is used as an important skin protection and care additive in the JOHN VOSS products GOOD MORNING!, GOOD NIGHT! and LOOK BRIGHT!

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