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„For skincare products from JOHN VOSS, you should find space in your bathroom quickly.“

„This cream from JOHN VOSS is our skin care secret tip“

„The best of both worlds.“

„Here come the stern "favorites".“


„Clean Beauty - Less is more.“

„In 1st place: Refresher to apply.“



„I was asked yesterday for the first time if I had realized my intention to try Botox, and I was able to deny this quite clearly. The clear effectiveness of STAY STRONG! was confirmed to me by my friends without being asked. I am thrilled, I will try GET FRESH! with the snail slime and my girlfriend will get GOOD MORNING! as a present.“

—Sascha B. from Cologne (IT Manager)

„When I used my favorite product GOOD NIGHT! for about 3 weeks, I had an appointment with my long-time beautician. She saw my skin and was amazed to ask what I had changed in my skincare routine, since my skin was so well cared for. The appearance, moisture content and elasticity had improved tremendously. Since then I am and remain a faithful customer!“

—Anja R. from Hamburg (Management Assistant)

„Thank you, dear JOHN VOSS team, for this great new discovery: I love your night cream GOOD NIGHT! - It provides long-lasting care, is quickly absorbed and has a subtle, pleasant scent. My skin texture has already refined. My order came quickly and was very nicely packaged. Always gladly again.“

—Sonja D. from Hamburg (Head of Office Management)

„I have had severe acne for 7 years. After several dermatologists and treatments such as creams, tablets and the birth control pill, I have never noticed a significant improvement. Since I have been using JOHN VOSS skin care exclusively, all blemishes have disappeared and my scars are hardly visible. I feel better than I have in a long time and can really recommend these products to everyone.“

—Hanna C. from Cuxhaven (Student)

„This cream is incredibly good. Ingenious. I could not imagine that I would experience such positive surprises with cosmetics again. I use GOOD MORNING! and LOOK BRIGHT! and my skin feels just great. It is smooth, soft and totally healthy.“

—Linda B. from Hanau (Lawyer)

„I currently use STAY STRONG! as the only cream for my face and I am really enthusiastic about it!“

—Jan M. from Stormarn (E-Commerce Manager)

„I work often in nature. So I need something that protects my skin as well as cares for it. This alpine rose extract seems to work well, because my skin is although it is often exposed to cold and sun totally healthy and the wrinkles around the eyes go back. I use STAY STRONG for the day and LOOK BRIGHT with the alpine rose extract for the eyes.“

—Stephan B. from Rennerod (Forest Service Officer)

„Super-Boost for in between. In summer the ideal cooling care after sunbathing.“

— Maria K. from Passau (Student)

„Nature already offers us such diverse, perfect solutions for our needs. That quickly convinced me. JOHN VOSS adds a wonderful fragrance. My skin texture is already visibly smoother after 14 days and feels firm and healthy. The products can be used very sparingly and yet effectively. A great natural product, made without animal testing!“

— Anja R. from Hamburg (Account Assistant)

„GOOD MORNING! ist für mich eine der besten Cremes, die ich je benutzt habe. Die Konsistenz, das angenehme Auftragen mit dem feinen Duft, das schnelle Einziehen und das entspannte Hautgefühl, welches auch wirklich anhält: PERFEKT! Für mich ist die komplette Pflege mit den JOHN VOSS Produkten definitiv auch sichtbar durch ein schöneres und fältchenärmeres Hautbild.“

— Nicole K. from Stade (Engineer)

„I was totally convinced by the study on the Stem Cell Extract of the Alpine Rose. I love the mountains and see how here in the Alps nature shows its survival strategies at every junction. I think it's great when brands take nature as a role model. I immediately bought GOOD MORNING! and GOOD NIGHT! in a set and I am very happy with the result. My husband loves the scent of JOHN VOSS products. “

— Kerstin U. from Starnberg (Travel Agent)

„I have been looking for the right product for years. My skin is very sensitive and with JOHN VOSS products I have found what my skin has been asking for for so long. I'm sticking with it. “

— Monika W. from Hamburg (Category Manager)

„I use GOOD NIGHT! every evening; the rich care is perfect for the night care of my sensitive skin. In combination with GOOD MORNING! and LOOK BRIGHT! the all-round care.“

— Barbara K. from Timmendorfer Strand (Teacher)

„The care with LOOK BRIGHT! always belongs to the perfect morning and evening care for me.My eye area is super cared for by the rich and yet not oily cream. I no longer have dark circles under my eyes.“

— Roswitha B. from Berlin (Pensioner)

„I am very critical when choosing my care products, because I want to use as healthy beauty products as possible. I've been using SHINE ON! for a few weeks now and I'm really impressed. All I can say is that it works! My hair is no longer dull, my nails are smooth and strong. And by the way, I also absorb vitamin C and zinc to protect against viruses. Perfect.“

— Tatjana B. from Düsseldorf (Real Estate Agent)

„Good supplement for external care. Pleasant to swallow, useful combination of active ingredients.“

— Christian B. from Bonn (Doctor)

„My skin needs protection and moisture for my daily walk with the dog. Thanks to STAY STRONG!, I maintain an excellent, healthy complexion even in cold and dry weather.“

— Thomas B. from Berlin (Music Producer)

„STAY STRONG! is the ideal skin care for me. I use it in the morning and sometimes in the evening if needed. It absorbs very quickly and leaves the skin feeling fresh. Ideal also after shaving.“

— Christian B. from Bonn (Doctor)